Dragonfly Land Escape Game

Dragonfly Land Escape

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It was a peaceful night at your house when a dragonfly landed on your keyboard. Your housemates went to bed early since they all had work tomorrow. However, you were still enjoying the remaining days of your vacation. You didn't get to enjoy some things when you still had work. So you were trying out these things now that you had some free time. You really wanted to learn to play the keyboard. You had one in your room and you spent at least fifteen minutes on it. The volume was lowered to avoid disturbing your housemates. Just then from the corner of your eye, you saw something moving towards you. You looked at the direction where the thing was moving. But it was quite hard to see. You looked back at your keyboard and saw a dragonfly resting there. You didn't want to scare it away.

So you waited for the dragonfly to fly away before playing a song. However, the dragonfly seemed to have no intentions of leaving. You placed your fingers on the keys and began playing a song. The dragonfly lit up until it was too bright to see. When the light subsided you found yourself in Dragonfly Land. Play Dragonfly Land Escape outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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