Dragon Nest Escape (365 Escape) Game

Dragon Nest Escape (365 Escape)

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The old castle is quite an ancient structure, for it was once the seat of royalty in the medieval times. Nowadays, nobody wants to go there for it is said to be the place where the old dragon nests! It's definitely true but only the villagers who lives nearby knows about it and they never tell a soul especially to outsiders for they know what will happen to such a creature when a person who have never seen a dragon sees it. But not all villagers are ignorant of the dragon though, there was this one guy who really wanted to see the dragon and check-out its nest just to see if the egg it had been incubating for a long time have already hatched, that person is Pierce.

That day, Pierce did the most daring thing in all of his life, and that is entering the dragon's castle and of course upon his entrance, the dragon was definitely not happy with his presence. It chased him and blew fire at him! That was one happening he would never forget, but he is not out of the woods yet however, for because he ran at a random direction, he is now lost in the castle and the dragon is looking for him! It's time to abandon this adventure now for this is no longer safe. Will you help Pierce here escape players so he can leave the castle and go home? Hopefully nobody will get singed in the process.

Dragon Nest Escape is a brand new point and click dangerous castle escape game from 365 Escape.

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