Dragon Hawaii Volcano Escape

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Morgan is enjoying his vacation in Hawaii when he heard a story from a local about a cave in the nearby wilderness. The cave has taken another life again says the local, for a person entered there and never really came-out after days of waiting for him. Morgan was intrigued that there was such near him though, more so when he heard that there is said to be a dragon living in there too! It sounds absolutely bogus, but Morgan adheres to his code that every story or lie always has a core of truth to it, well at least most of the time. That’s why one day Morgan decided to go there with of course the knowledge of a few friends so that they would know where he is heading. It’s absolutely a dangerous and reckless decision, but in his mind though the adventure there will be worth it. Well it will be, for Morgan will encounter everything there in the caves!

Morgan felt the heat as he moves further into the tunnels, at some point he had to stop for it was getting hotter, it might be the lave moving below his feet, from there though the floor suddenly collapse and Morgan fell into an area where lava were now visible! And also, he immediately saw the dragon they were talking about when he landed! Escape players, what a situation now Morgan had got himself into, want to join in and see what’s going to happen next? Come and see if you can solve this adventure turned problem as well! It won’t be easy though.

Dragon Hawaii Volcano Escape is a brand new point and click underground escape game from Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Dragon Hawaii Volcano Escape


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