Dragon Den Escape Game

Dragon Den Escape

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As a villager who lives very close at the kingdom's most powerful weapon which was always used to turn the tides of battle and is very effective, Rod is fearful, that's because the weapon of the kingdom is a dragon and that thing burns entire armies in one sweep! That dragon is heavily guarded though and even then the villagers fear it for if it ever escapes, it might lay waste to their settlements and burn it all to the ground. That's just one fear of his which he is always on the look-out for, but one day he will never except to come face to face with his fear, but in a moment he did not expect.

Rod woke-up for he felt his bed was hard as a rock, well actually it was rock for he was now sleeping on the floor of some castle made of cobblestone and when he looked around he said to himself, this cannot be. Rod was in the castle of the dragon and not just outside, but inside the place with a thousand tons of pure fiery death! Rod needs to escape right-now for this is crazy and he has no time to think how he even got to the place. Escape players, will you help Rod out so he can be safe from the kingdom's monster of war?

Dragon Den Escape is a brand new point and click complex escape game from Selfdefiant.

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