Dragon Cave Escape Game

Dragon Cave Escape

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You were looking at the distance when you saw the dragon flying out of its cave. You knew something was wrong the moment you saw it flying out faster than usual. This dragon had been your friend the moment you saw its egg in the forest. You thought you'd never see it soar through the sky. However, it grew so fast that in just a few months, it was already bigger than you. You likewise thought you wouldn't be able to see the dragon anymore once it grew. But it may have only grown in size. The creature remained gentle towards you despite its huge size. So you also made sure to keep your relationship strong despite the difference in height. For most of the time, the dragon was always there to protect you. But these past few days had been hard for it.

And you immediately felt that it was time for you to protect the dragon. You saw it leave the cave once more and you knew something was bothering it again. You went to the dragon cave to check things out. Upon arriving in the cave, you can instantly feel the strange atmosphere. Play Dragon Cave Escape outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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