Dr. Dinkle - Egyptian Discovery Game

Dr. Dinkle - Egyptian Discovery

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You should be with Dr. Dinkle in his Egyptian exploration. However, you had a different assignment. The company felt that the two of you would make a great team. But they needed two top performers for different jobs. So they separated you for a while. Dr. Dinkle was a bit worried. But you promised him you'd do well. He smiled as he stepped on his private plane for Egypt. You were somewhere on an inhabited island. A team was there to make sure you had everything you needed for the duration of your work. You looked at your location and you couldn't help but smile. The area was just narrow. And you had read a lot about the place already. Looking for something specific here wouldn't be that hard. So you started right away with your team. But your mind sometimes went back to Dr. Dinkle.

He was in Egypt. And almost found what he was looking for. However, he encountered some problems along the way. Most of the people from his team were newbies. Even without communication, you felt that Dr. Dinkle might be needing your help. So you immediately boarded the next plane out to help him in Egypt. Play Dr. Dinkle - Egyptian Discovery outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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