Downtown Escape Christmas Game

Downtown Escape Christmas

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Julia woke-up and found herself in the middle of a street on some pile of snow, and upon seeing that she instantly got startled! She could have sworn she slept back in her house and was even dreaming, well dreaming of the city that is, but it seems to have come true or something? For she knows she was at home, or maybe did she sleep-walked all the way there? Julia needs to return home then for this is weird and quickly too for it's really cold and she is still quite far from her house.

Escape players, frostbite is very possible for people who have no proper attire in the winter and that goes for Julia, who have at least some but it won't last long. Will you help her out then to navigate out of the city and return home where it is warm? Quickly then and make use of everything you can come across and it could be anything just to save Julia's life, or a few fingers and toes. Navigate the cold snowy downtown area and see also if you can find some answers of why Julia was even there.

Downtown Escape Christmas is a brand new point and click city escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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