Double Key Door Escape Game

Double Key Door Escape

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Double lock is the best solution to keep the thieves away. With this, you are confident that your house is safe even though you are not at home. Putting up double lock is such a nice idea but this has its pros and cons. The good thing about the double lock is that, the thieves can't open the door easily. But the bad thing about this is, you also can't open the door easily. Double lock means double key. Therefore, you must not only find one but two keys to open the door. Without the other one, the door won't open. Because of this, you have to gather clues that can lead you to where those keys are. It might be in the bedroom, living room or in any part of this house.

You just have to use your logic to locate the key as soon as possible. You also have to solve some puzzles along the way to escape from this room completely.  But the real challenge is the timer that you have to beat. Can you find the double keys in time? Play Double Key Door Escape outdoor escape game from Avm Games. Good luck and have fun!

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