Dormitory Apartment Escape Game

Dormitory Apartment Escape
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Rodney never thought his luxurious apartment would ever give him a hard-time, for everything that he needs was actually already there, but then one day it gave him kind of a tough puzzle and now he is very close to giving-up on solving that! Rodney got the place a month ago and through the entire time, it indeed was more convenient than his old home and relaxing, it was comfortable as well and easy to clean, but then that weird problem came-up and Rodney now is trying his best to get it done before the problem escalates, not that it will likely do so but he wants to be safe.

Rodney got mysteriously trapped in his apartment and it's weird for he tried everything that can get him out but still nothing, even his keys were missing and he doesn't really know where in the rooms he'll begin to look for it, that's because there is nowhere else to look. Escape players, Rodney here needs an extra hand to help him with his mysterious problem. Come and place yourself on his situation then and see if you can solve this escape challenge of his smoothly no sweat.

Dormitory Apartment Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Ekey Games.

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