Door Haunting Escape Game

Door Haunting Escape

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Door Haunting Escape is a brand new point and click scary complex escape game released by Games 4 Escape. Have Fun with us then daily!

Eugene had been trying a lot of haunted places that Halloween, right-now he is trying-out the haunted prison which was rumored to be very active. There are hundreds of rooms there and each had different stories to tell, another room was so dark that the energy it produces can shove anyone back out and a lot of people can testify to that. That is what Eugene is trying to find-out what's going-on in there and how is this energy very strong, well he is going to find-out the hard-way though.

Eugene was checking every cell-block in that prison and he was in a small area at the moment trying to solve things there, but he somehow made a wrong move and that unfortunately locked him in! This is not good for he came to the place alone and if ever trouble comes like this one, then he can only wait for help to come, he cannot wait for that and that's why he decided to find his way out on his own. There's definitely some scary stuff here and Eugene feels they are slowly closing-in on him, escape players care to join in on Eugene and see if you can all escape the haunted place safely? Good luck then everyone, enjoy the spooky escape!


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