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Door Escape

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There was this house in the neighborhood which was a lot different than the rest, it looks very similar to the others though and nobody would ever notice it for it looks just as it is standing in the neighborhood. But actually, the place is built for everyone to escape from and test their puzzle-solving skills! People in the neighborhood have already tried the challenges there and some would define the obstacles hard and would really block anyone's way to escape. As a person who got pretty interested in such a place, Clyde haven't tried the house yet so he decided that he'll give it a go so he can see that if he is skillful in escapes as well.

Clyde was ready but his skills might not be though for the challenges could be the kind that he can't really solve, at least quickly. Escape players, will you help Clyde here out and see if you can escape from the place as well with your skills? Be ready then for the house and its rooms will definitely throw everything at you so you won't win.

Door Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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