Doomed Forest Game

Doomed Forest

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You were walking out of the school drained out of energy. It was clearly seen in your face and no one can deny it. Then your eyes fell on some colorful creatures that were chirping loudly. You took a closer look at the creatures and saw that there were colorful chicks. You wondered where they came from but the vendor won't say anything to you. Maybe he was afraid that you'll be a competitor which was definitely impossible. So you just let it go and promised to search for the information yourself. You went home and opened your laptop. You searched the internet thoroughly. However, you were having quite a hard time. Then you remembered your friend who worked in a conservatory. You asked him about the colorful chicks and he instantly gave you a reply. But he also warned you of the hunters.

These hunters may not appreciate your presence so you better know how to dodge them. The forest looked so peaceful though. It was like you could only think of good stuffs while being there. However, you thought about the colorful chicks once more and you quickened your pace. You couldn't let those cute chicks stay inside the cage anymore. Play Doomed Forest outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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