Donkey Rescue

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The wilderness where Raphael lives is quite breathe-taking, well in the ridge that is which overlooks everything for miles, but in his area which is just meters away from it, it was lush and filled with thick vegetation. To move around the area, Raphael has this donkey and the creature is pretty vital to him, even just to get water from the river, he needs the beast carry the heavy jugs which will really break his back if he does it alone, even with the creature he still carries one jug with him. That day though, it seems that something happened to his donkey and is it looks in the back of his mind, somebody is cutting him from vital resources here.

Somebody locked his donkey here in a structure not really familiar to him at all! Raphael have no idea there was another structure there but it looks newly built, that means somebody might be plotting on him here and for now, he might play along and prepare himself for potential war. Escape players, Raphael must rescue this animal of his first though for he still need it and of course it also wants to live. Will you help him now before something else happens here?

Donkey Rescue is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.