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Donkey Escape

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You've been living out in the wild for a long time. You enjoy the natural rugged scenery and the noises of the animals. The challenges it gave you were your substitution for school. Everything in nature became your friend and you can tell if someone eats the other. But your favorite among all the animals were the donkeys. You always had a great time running around with them. You usually race with them. And sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But it was all fun with them. You even had a name for each of the donkeys in your area. This made an even special bond for you and the donkeys. One of them you named Donkey. It seemed pretty obvious but that name was all you could think of at that time. You may have already ran out of names since they were a lot.

Everyday, you would go around and call them by their names. But one day, Donkey was not with the group. He was not the type to take off on his own. This made you worried. So you started looking around for him. He could never be lost and he didn't like hiding. Then he must be stuck somewhere. Play Donkey Escape outdoor escape game by Games Zone 15.

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  1. Date: November 9, 2017
    Author: dewed
    Games where the cursor doesn't change ... makes for a click fest.

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