Dolphin House 10 Door Escape Game

Dolphin House 10 Door Escape

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The sea was one of your most favorite places. However, you rarely get to be in it. Since you were situated in the mountains. So when given the chance, you always grab it and make the most out of it. You learned to swim with the help of your aunt who lived near the sea. She was not your biological aunt. Yet she loved you the same. And you make sure to make her feel your love for her as well. Every summer, you would go down from the mountain to spend some time with her. Then she would teach you how to swim and even stay longer underwater. You never found anything strange with your aunt until you saw her making some concoction. You asked her about it and she calmly explained to you its uses. She said it was used when she went to her home underwater.

You couldn't believe what you heard but she asked you to try it out for yourself. You believed your aunt wouldn't harm you. So you took a couple of sips and went to the water. Surprisingly, you didn't need to surface to breathe. You spent your time exploring parts you hadn't explored. Until you found a dolphin house and you had trouble leaving. Play Dolphin House 10 Door Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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