Dolly House Escape Game

Dolly House Escape

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You heard that this place offers a chance to stay at famous people's houses. You were not really interested to stay for the night. And you just meant to stay only for a few hours. However, the weather turned bad and rain just kept on pouring. There were very few vehicles on the road already. And the bus going back home cancelled its trip for the day. Your tour guide offered to let you  stay at the last house you visited. You thought about the offer for a long time. You didn't want to have to really stay unless you had no better option. So you asked for other things that you could do. He suggested to stay at the bus station. Then again, the temperature was slowly dropping and staying there in the cold would not be good. You chose the house instead.

Before the guide left you for the night, you asked him about the house turning into a tourist spot. He said that the owner didn't like the strange vibes she got from the house. Although there was nothing to really be scared of. She just chose to stay out of it. This statement made you want to change your mind. But the guide already left. Play Dolly House Escape room escape game by Online Gamez World.

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