Dog Room Escape

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The house of Jane’s friend here is so luxurious that her dog even has its own room and it was a decent one too. Really her friend’s love of dogs here is showing, for she even dedicated a space just for it and that day, Jane will be staying there for her friend will be leaving just for an hour and she’ll be back. For now Jane will be staying with the dog in its room until she arrives. As Jane stays there, she hopes she too has a room like this, for even though this one is for the dog, it is still a lovely place. Maybe she’ll look around and see what else she can find there, but little did she know there will suddenly be a problem for that, and it’s going to be significant!

Jane entered a room there and when she tried to get out from it for the space wasn’t so interesting, it became so for the door is locked and she could no longer get out! Jane have no idea what happened here and maybe she thought there could be a trick to the door here, for it could be one of those fancy ones. Well maybe, but right-now Jane really needs to get out of there before something else happens. Escape players, you are now to help Jane here escape from the room so she can let her alertness down finally, will you be able to help so she can then find-out what exactly happened?

Dog Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Dog Room Escape

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