Doctor With Patient Escape Game

Doctor With Patient Escape

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Your skills of rescue are needed here escape players, try to rescue two persons at once here and safely. Doctor With Patient Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Avm Games for another daring adventure!

The village's doctor is the first and last person that the people can come to when different kinds of medical stuff happens to them, well they are pretty far from civilization so that is understandable. One of the patients of the doctor before was Manny and really, that guy saved his life after he got sick, but now he is okay thanks to him. Manny lives just next to the doctor's house and clinic when one day, he heard cries of help from inside the place and because his house is quite insulated, the calls are muffled. It's a good thing Manny was still at that moment, that's why he managed to hear them.

Manny knows he has a patient that time, that must be why there was another voice in there. Okay now he knows what he needed to do, and that is to save the doctor for he is the last hope of the people here, and also his patient for everybody knows everyone in the village and that could be his friend. Escape players, you are welcome to join in the rescue here with Manny, find objects that can get the doctor and his patient out as safely as possible.


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