Doctor Way To Escape

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The silence is now surrounding the hospital ward here for disinfection is currently underway, that means there should not be anyone in the area as they do the cleanup. As a new doctor in the said ward, Allison needs to leave from there for the disinfecting materials which will be released in the area is going to be harmful and she doesn’t have a hazmat suit right now. The disinfection is now happening in a corner of the ward a ways away from her, but soon it will get to her and thankfully for now there is still a chance to get out of there, but the problem was she is not yet familiar with this ward and she is starting to get confused where she should pass other than the area where the disinfection is currently being done.

Escape players, Dr. Allison doesn’t have any help here and she needs to get out of this floor as soon as possible. Will you help her so she can leave safely? You will be saving her life here when you do so that’s why you need to be very careful as well or you might lead her to the currently off-limits area.

Doctor Way To Escape is a brand new point and click building escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Doctor Way To Escape

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