Doctor Stanley Escape

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Rick decided to visit the family doctor for today for a member of the family needs that new prescription for maintenance medication, and so he went to the doctor’s house for Dr. Stanley is already close to them and he can get the prescription from there. The doctor was expecting him so he left the front-door open for Rick so he can just take a seat when he enters for he is currently busy.

Rick finally arrives and enters the house as he was instructed, he knows the doctor is in a room there somewhere busy with something important, so he waited. But Rick waited for almost an hour and he finally decided to maybe check things there for it could be that they are both waiting for each other, so he knocked on one of the doors there and that’s when he knew the doctor was actually trapped in there! Rick did not expect that, but he acted immediately for the doctor is in trouble there as he said. Rick doesn’t know how this thing happened and how exactly he is going to help here, but he will try for their doctor. Escape players, want to help Rick here as he rescues Dr. Stanley from this problem in his own home?

Doctor Stanley Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Doctor Stanley Escape

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