Doctor Hudson Escape

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Doctor Hudson is coming to the neighborhood again and he has a lot of patients in this place. So to save him some time and effort, Gillian and her friend Camille would gather into one house and it could either be in either places to do both their check-ups at the same time. That routine rarely happens though for they are generally well most of the time, but now they really need to go together for doc Hudson has a lot more patients to take care in this place. And so Gillian went to Camille’s place where the doc will be next, as she arrives there she never thought to find the doc in a situation, and at the moment he needs help!

Gillian just found-out that doc Hudson is now trapped in a room there for the door was hard to pry open! Camille was trying hard already but her efforts are not working. Okay then, Gillian is here now and she might be able to help. Escape players, there is still a chance that Gillian will not be able to help here still, so will you assist them on this so that the doc can be freed?

Doctor Hudson Escape is the newest point-and-click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Doctor Hudson Escape

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