Do Not Disturb Day 1 Game

Do Not Disturb Day 1

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There are so many things that you need to do and there are so many distractions around you. So, you isolated yourself in a room for a while to be more productive. In this way, you can be more focused with the things that you have to finish. Seems like what you did is effective because you finished all of the task in time. You can all pass those in the due date. However, there is another problem in the room that you need to solve. The door in the room won't open. You don't want to put all of your efforts into trash so you have to find a way to escape. Since you don't have an extra key with you, you have to look for items that you can use to open the door.

Good thing that there are lots of those in the room. Not only that, there are also clues in there that can help you with the puzzles that you will encounter. The only thing that's left do you to do is to use your logic to escape. Do Not Disturb Day 1 is a brand new point and click room escape game from NSR Games. Best of luck!

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