Diversity Wilderness Escape Game

Diversity Wilderness Escape

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It's far easier to venture in the wilderness now for after the place was rebuilt after the huge fire that swept it years ago, the local government built paths so that people can escape swiftly if there is another fire which can happen naturally and also, for the animals can move away easily as well. Elton was one of the reconstruction parties there and that day, he was tasked to survey further into areas which hadn't been rebuilt yet so that the team can then move and do the plans next week. Elton did not expect that day he'll be experiencing a problem, he just knows he'll need to finish the task given to him but then something happened.

Elton got lost in an area he haven't been to before and because he is alone there doing his task, he doesn't have help! Okay now for this to be solved quickly, he'll need to move to his adventure mode so that he can focus. At the moment he is on task mode and he is more focused on the structures of the place for the reconstruction of the wildlife there, so will you help Elton here so he can just escape from the place quickly? Go ahead then and try not to be too hasty, or you might push yourselves deeper into the wilderness.

Diversity Wilderness Escape is the newest point and click forest escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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  1. Date: September 26, 2020
    Author: amadeus
    Great game. Enjoyed the music. Thanks! [Reply]

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