Distorted Asylum Game

Distorted Asylum

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You and your girlfriend were having a hard time maintaining your relationship. She had a different path she wanted to take and you had your own dreams as well. You loved each other but you knew you needed to smooth things out before it became worse. You mostly met at the asylum where it was far from the crowds and you could only focus on each other. Your phone rang as you were about to make a call. It was your girlfriend and she was asking you to meet her at the asylum. You smiled as it seemed your thoughts were still strongly connected. So you immediately jumped in your car and drove towards the location. You were expecting to her outside. But no one was waiting for you. You thought she may already be inside the room you always occupy.

But as soon as you entered the building, it became a distorted asylum. You somehow couldn't tell which way to go. Your girlfriend came into your mind immediately. You should quickly find her and get out of the asylum before something unpleasant start happening. Play Distorted Asylum room escape game by Melting-Mindz to find another place for you and your girlfriend's talk.

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