Distant Goal 02 Game

Distant Goal 02

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Escape players, how about another adventuring reaching a certain goal! This time it's a desert land near the pyramids. Distant Goal 02 is the newest point and click desert escape game created by 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

The desert awaits for the adventurer Rico who had been to many places around the world and this time it's not just the desert, for the place is where the great pyramids stands. Rico had a strong goal ever since he was young that he wanted to visit and probably investigate around the grounds of those ancient structures. After three days, Rico had gone-out and in no time he was stepping on the stands of Egypt, well it's time to investigate this place, but it won't be easy of course.

Rico is on his own at the moment, for his eventual team will just be arriving shortly and he needs to prepare things so everything will be easier when they arrive. As he did however, Rico could not find the items that he needed and he needs help for this. Escape players, Rico's goal was to discover even just a bit of the secret that the pyramids holds, but he is going to need some things and equipment for that, will you all be able to find everything that Rico needs for this mystery uncovering? Make haste then.

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