Distant Goal 01 Game

Distant Goal 01

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The adventure here in an island so remote that it stands alone for miles in the middle of the ocean, is going to be fun! So come and try it then. Distant Goal 01 is a brand new point and click remote area escape game released by 5n Games.

Mark had finally made his goal of reaching the island which was quite far from the nearest shore and in the middle of it stands an old lighthouse. Finally it's time to really investigate the place for it had been interesting him ever since he was young, well he needs to be very careful on this one though for he came alone and if he ever gets in-trouble then, there won't be any rescue coming for him. Well sadly as he was scouring some old things scattered around the beach and the lighthouse's grounds, he could not spot his boat no matter where he looked!

This is exactly the kind of thing he didn't want to happen, but yet it did and boy the situation quickly became dangerous. Mark needs to make use of whatever he'll find here now and maybe that'll be of use too in-order to find that missing boat. Escape players, got any ideas to help Mark here who is trapped in lighthouse island? Come and join then, let us see your skills and logic work.

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