Discover Precious Crystal

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Your friend is an avid movie fan. He loves all kinds of movies from different genres. Ranging from cheesy chick flicks to Hollywood blockbuster movies, his appreciation for movies is endless. For this reason, he is aspiring to become a scriptwriter. In his pursuit of this goal, you then agreed to help him out. He tells you that he is working on his magnum opus and you will have the privilege of reading it first. He assures you that you will be the only other person who will find out beforehand the story of the next big Hollywood hit.

Your friend invites you to his house so you could read his masterpiece. You then knock on his front door and he greets you. He is ecstatic that someone will finally read his work. As you settle down, he reads to you his script and you listen intently. You spent hours listening and finally you get the gist of it.

In short, you are entrusted a mysterious and precious crystal stone. This is one of the five in the world that holds a certain power that can alter the course of the world. The main character has to find it because the villain managed to steal it and hit it in his lair. The main character proceeds to look for clues and solve puzzles to retrieve the crystal.

Discover Precious Crystal is fun point and click escape game from Top 10 New Games. In this escape game, you must help the main character in his quest to find the precious crystal, just as your friend has envisioned. Good luck!