Discover My Egg Game

Discover My Egg

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While your friends are out hunting animals for snacks, you're left inside your house watching over an egg. Your parents found the egg while on a hunt yesterday. They have been asking your neighbors if they can identify the egg. However, none of them can name it. So they approach the village chief. But he can't identify it as well. They start to worry about it being a dinosaur egg. You're very doubtful about it. Then again, they won't listen to you. Instead, they ask you guard it carefully. You look at the egg sourly. You should have been out with your friends chasing animals or collecting insects. But here you are, watching over an egg. The sun is shining brightly and the breeze is blowing gently. You feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier.

But as soon as you have almost fallen asleep, your friends pass by. They look so happy that you forget about the egg and join them. You spend a few hours with them and hurry home just in time for your parents' return. You immediately check over the egg to make sure it is still there. But it's not there anymore. Play Discover My Egg outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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