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Discover My Diary

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Most people writes their secrets in their diary. And just like any average person, this is also where you write about your love life and the list of people you hate. But aside all of these things, you have written in your diary the steps on how to escape from your house. This is very important to you especially when your parents don't allow you to go out with your friends. And today is one of those days when your mom and dad are grumpy to you. You have a movie date your friends but they didn't allow you to go. They locked the door so you can't escape. The only way to get out of this house is to find the diary. The problem is, you forgot where you left it but you are quite sure that it is just somewhere in the house.

Discover the diary before your friends come over. It might be under the bed or above the kitchen counter. Find the diary and follow the steps on how to escape from the house. Discover My Diary is the newest exciting point and click room escape game developed by Eight Games. Good luck and have fun!

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