Dirty Water Cave Escape Game

Dirty Water Cave Escape

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You only spent just a couple of years in your job yet you already felt it was becoming boring. You were in the research department. But you hadn't been to the field yet. Instead what you did was to compile the findings of the senior researchers. Then you had to make a report about it making sure that you included all the vital information. Most of the time what you get in return was complain and scolding. You knew how important those information were. However, when your mind was not in it, you couldn't mind about the outcome. Yet after all the scolding and complain, you were forced to make your work better which somehow doubled your work. The head in your department noticed this and he called you to his office. He asked about your needs and wants as an employee of the company.

After hearing you out, you received an assignment to do some research on the field. You were so happy to be finally out of the office. But as soon as you saw the dirty water cave location, you immediately wanted to back out. That was not an option though. So you had to get through the cave and survive it. Play Dirty Water Cave Escape room escape game by WoW Escape.

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