Diffident Monster Escape

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The palace of monsters is the place where the villagers and the magicians put them all whenever they capture one, it is a very robust place and if a monster sets foot in there, they cannot get out unless if a human helps them. Of course nobody would do that for they will be releasing Pandora’s box to the vicinity or even the world! Well one day though, Nicholas needs to do just that for he needs the help of a monster who had been trapped in there.

Nicholas seeks the help of this one monster who was really not that ruthless and was even the shy type. People were just bitter back then and that’s why they imprisoned every single monster even the non-threatening ones. Now Nicholas have more work for him here and if he fails to get the help of that monster, then they can all say goodbye to joyful days for this place, for it will definitely get dark forever. Escape players, Nicholas needs help here as he gets that monster out from where it is without allowing any other monster to come with them. Will you be able to help so that this place can be saved then?

Diffident Monster Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.