Diary Story 1

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Violence was definitely present when this mother according to an old story, faced this ghost for the ethereal thing was trying to get her son. The ghost almost succeeded but the mother did her best to protect her son, that resulted in her being taken instead of her boy! This boy grew to resent this spirit and he tried to find it up to the ends of the Earth, but one by one the team he formed against this ghost abandoned him for the fruits of their efforts were always in vain. This boy was Gary’s distant relative and even though he knew little about the mother and the son here, he decided to maybe come and help for well when he heard the story it totally hit him.

Maybe he will begin by finding clues which can point him to where the boy is, and also maybe he can find another piece of this diary where the story came from, for it seems to be incomplete and this was the only thing that is guiding him through this journey. Escape players, Gary is going to begin now in the rooms of this lonely house just to find a part of this diary. Want to help Gary here so he can carry this task forward?

Diary Story 1 is brand new point and click adventure escape game from Nsr Games.

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Walkthrough video for Diary Story 1

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