Diamond Prison Escape Game

Diamond Prison Escape

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The diamond is the hardest element known to man, precious stones worth billions belonging to a wealthy society.  This is the sole reason why the Diamond Prison is created. The Diamond Prison is an underground constuct where diamonds are being kept today. Anyone who attempts to steal these diamonds activates a mechanism that locks him inside, never to be heard of again. Finally, a master thief got hold of the prison's blueprints and with cunning, succesfully infiltrates the prison but she know that the trick is getting out alive and still sane. Unlike the others, she took her time looking for an escape route rather than going for the diamonds first. When she had finally found her route, she got to the diamonds and took as much as she could carry. When she's about to escape, an alarm sounded and the route she planned is quickly barricaded.

Diamond Prison Escape is new escape game by Ainars for Escape Fan. This time you will need to escape from abandoned prison. Explore this location, collect 8 hidden diamonds and key to open the exit door. Good Luck!

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