Diamond Hunt 12 - Rescue Last Diamond Game

Diamond Hunt 12 - Rescue Last Diamond

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The 12th diamond is somewhere inside a bungalow house near a government building. How is this possible? A government building is supposedly where most of the honest people stay. You always have this notion that people in the government have the least possibility of committing something wrong. But even before you head to the location, rumors are circulating how one government official acquires diamonds. You always see this official passing by the bungalow house. This bungalow house acts as a canteen. It cooks food everyday for the people at the office. However, it seems like it's cooking something else as well. All these times you are chasing diamonds, you have been seeing him too. And he's always there to check on your progress. You really thought he's concerned with you. But it turns out he's just being really careful. He doesn't want you too close.

However, you're already here. And you don't have any plans of backing down. You have to acquire the last diamond and hopefully put a stop to his wrongdoings as well. You may have taken such a big bite but you're going to make sure you can chew it. Play Diamond Hunt 12 - Rescue Last Diamond outdoor escape game by Knf Games.


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