Diamond Dove Escape

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Looks like a lost bird went in Adam’s bird trap there, he was trying to catch wild fowl but instead it caught a diamond dove, which is weird for diamond doves here are living in arid areas where there is a small patch of water. Probably that water had receded and that’s why it ventured here into his area? Well whatever the reason is, he needs to free this pigeon which is the diamond dove is a kind of, for he has no use for this creature. But he’ll need to find his key first so he can free it.

Escape players, will you help Adam here find his key to the cage so he can free that bird and set his trap again for a more decent catch?

Diamond Dove Escape is another new point-and-click animal escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Diamond Dove Escape

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