Diamond Cave Escape Game

Diamond Cave Escape

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Diamond Cave Escape is a game in which you heard at the radio about a big contest of which prize is a diamond. The only trick of the contest is that you actually have to find that diamond, which is lost for centuries. Some experts from the national museum organize this contest for all the explorers. The diamond is lost somewhere inside the big cave. Whoever finds it, will get the amount of money that the diamond worth. Anyone can try it's luck, but only alone, because the cave could be dangerous if too many people inside. So you went to that cave, but you are an amateur in such things and soon got lost. You want to get ashamed, so you will need to find a way to escape on your own. Best of luck!



  1. Date: February 8, 2015
    Author: SueSunday
    Not too hard, and fine graphics

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