Devil Cat Room Escape Game

Devil Cat Room Escape

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You and your friend are discussing about how nice it is to have a cat. Your conversation is going very well. You're both on the same line of thinking until your comment on how they can never do wrong comes out. Your friend raises a brow to this. Then she starts asking you a lot of questions. She even makes you think about the times your cat has done something wrong. You admit she's making some points about her argument but why the need to argue? You try to calm her down by slowly changing the topic. But she wants to stick to it. So you just keep your mouth shut and listen to her as she recounts all the times with her cat. This makes you ask her about the whereabouts of her cat. You haven't seen the little fellow for a while.

Her face then changes from a smiley to a dark and mysterious one. She stares into the distance and starts telling you a story. You can feel the weird vibe from her but she continues. Her cat is somewhere becoming more of a devil. "Will you help me take her back?" she asks you. Play Devil Cat Room Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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