Detached Forest Escape

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You wondered why this forest was called Detached Forest. You had been here when you were younger. And you remembered clearly that you had to cross a bridge to get here. It had been years since you were able to return. The forest changed a lot with time but the memories you had here remained. You only remembered this place when you saw your picture taken at this place. You were with your mom back then and your dad took your picture. It was such a fun time. But then you saw something weird on the photo. It seemed like there was a strange creature somewhere behind you. You looked at it closely but you couldn’t tell what it was. You wanted to know what it could be. So you prepared for a trip back to the detached forest.

The forest was peaceful. And you felt like you could easily find the creature on the photo. But as you walked deeper, you felt the forest became creepier and creepier. It was hard for you to concentrate on looking for the creature when your mind was also focusing on the thing that may jump out at any moment in this detached forest. Play Detached Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.