Destroy The Poisonous Chemical

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There is a big abandoned area near the town which is not really safe to go into, so nobody does for it is said that there is a gas leak there but it’s not just any gas, it is the deadly and noxious kind. But recently though it had just been discovered that the townsfolk is not really safe from the mostly unseen and odorless gas, that’s why one man have been commissioned and also volunteers to set a chemical reaction there which will slowly but surely cancel the fumes that are creeping on the land, and that person is Charles.

This is now going to be a dangerous mission for him, but all for the safety of the townsfolk, he’ll do it. The mission was to go to the center of the place, release a gaseous chemical there which will react to the toxic fumes and cancel it. Charles got it and it’s pretty simple, but what’s not though is getting to the location. Escape players, would you like to help Charles so he can get this mission done and get out of the area after?

Destroy The Poisonous Chemical is another new point-and-click area escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Destroy The Poisonous Chemical

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