Design Hotel Escape Episode 1 Game

Design Hotel Escape Episode 1

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One of your favorite day is coming up - a holiday. It's always a fun time for you when holidays arrive. You're free from work without being absent. And you'll still receive your full salary. You want to make good use of your holiday. And what better way to spend it than to book a hotel somewhere a bit far from your regular environment. You're hoping to book an AirBnB location. However, it's not only you who's having a holiday. So you go for a hotel room instead. This hotel room looks so elegant in the pictures that you just can't wait to occupy the room. You read a couple of reviews about the place and you can't help but love it even more. Then the day comes to occupy the room. You make sure your camera is ready to capture your first look at it.

The room's very clean and it's just what you want for the holiday. You look around the room after dropping your stuffs on the floor. After checking out every space, you rest at the edge of the bed. Then you remember the buffet lunch on the ground floor. You  take up your pouch to head down but as you turn the knob, the door won't move. Play Design Hotel Escape Episode 1 room escape game by Mouse City.


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