Deserted High School Escape Game

Deserted High School Escape

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Deserted High School Escape is the newest point and click ruined school escape game from Ekey Games. Have fun on this escape adventure here with us!

The school here have been through a lot, from fires to wars and even a number of earthquakes, among the rest which are minor occurrences that have been fixed through the years. Now the school stands old and abandoned, well it is still protected by the government and it's even very close to becoming a heritage site thanks to how much years it saw and it is still standing. That day, Elena was sent there by the local government for even though the place is abandoned, it is not completely forgotten and they even have plans of opening the place now maybe someday.

Elena was the first one to enter there in months, it's time for a check now. Through the halls and the rooms she goes and everything was quite okay though, still worthy for a renovation but that's just her side, the building inspectors will have their own report as well. As Elena saw everything was good in the place, she began to vacate for there's nothing else she can do there, well that's where the bad thing occured and now Elena is not in a good situation while she inside the school. Escape players, come and try the challenge here with Elena, see what the problem is and try if you can solve it. Good luck!

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