Deserted Building Game

Deserted Building

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A deserted building! That was what kept on popping in your mind. You needed to change the image before every particle of you materialize there. You had been having these weird experiences. A picture formed in your mind and you'd be transported there. The first few times were very fun since only beautiful places filled your mind. But as you aged, you became stressed by life and the images on your mind slowly changed as well. You couldn't maintain the pretty images of places. Instead, creepy places replaced them. You never wanted to be in these places. However, every time something didn't turn out the way you hoped it would, creepy images floated. And when these happened, you would find a beautiful picture to stare at hoping you'd be there instead. It was effective for a few times yet not all the time.

You were stressed at work once more. And a deserted building kept on appearing on your mind. Another picture should help right now but you couldn't find anything around. So you tried to imagine something else. But too late, you were already inside the building. Play Deserted Building room escape game by First Escape Games.

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