Deserted Building 2 Game

Deserted Building 2

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For sure the person who locked you inside the building couldn't identify jokes. You were walking with your friends around the deserted buildings. There used to be a huge mall here and it was the perfect place for people to gather. But after a stampede that happened in one of its events, people just stopped coming. It seemed like people were still afraid that the same thing might happen once more. The owner was distraught. And decided to close the mall. Although he did promised to open it. Only after the wounds, emotionally and physically healed. But he didn't make it even a year. His health declined and the plans of opening the mall once more vanished. Many people speculated that his ghost still haunted the place. He just couldn't accept the fact that his life's work would just close down so easily.

You and your friends wanted to have a little chat with his ghost. But the guard wanted you out immediately. So joked about staying alone inside the building just so you could perform the activity. Without meaning to, you got yourself locked inside of its rooms as your friends left the place. And now you had to find your own way out. Play Deserted Building 2 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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