Desert Pyramids: Alien Escape

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There’s no time to lose. The alien ships are landing and they’re using the pyramids as landing ports. My camcorder in hand, I inch closer. Capturing it in film means I can sell it to the highest network bidder. However, some palm trees are blocking my view. Beyond those trees, about three or four ships are now here in the dessert. They are planning something big, without a doubt. Finally, my phone vibrates. My colleagues are on their way and they ned to be fast.

Moreover, they plan to communicate with these aliens. I’m not sure how that will turn out but if they do, a lot of questions in human history will get answers. Finally, I heard a sound that froze me to where I stand. I can hear a high-pitched guttural  sound. The aliens must be communicating but in a language I do not know. I can see one of them pointing to the east. Just a bit more.

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