Desert Cute Man Hungry Escape Game

Desert Cute Man Hungry Escape

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The desert is an alien world for half of the rescuers who set-out there, but they have to go for a man is missing in that place somewhere, it is like looking for a small moving dot in a vast sandy land, quite literally. Jamie was absolutely not accustomed to a desert rescue, for she was just dispatched there after man-power got pretty low on that operation, but little did Jamie know that she'll be one of the most important persons who have set there for she actually found the guy everybody was looking for!

Jamie just stumbled upon a small camp and in an area where radio signal could not reach, which means she can't call for help at the moment. But then she found the man there and he was surviving! Boy he was a sight Jamie could never forget, not only that this operation will be deemed successful, but the guy in her eyes seems to be attractive. Well escape players, Jamie has a job to rescue that guy and get him some real help, will you help her out so that this will be a mission success?

Desert Cute Man Hungry Escape is a brand new point and click desert escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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