Desert Boy Rescue

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This desert land here is not safe at all despite of it being open for miles. One is that the place is home to dangerous animals like venomous scorpions and snakes, and two it is very dry there and if anybody goes in there unprepared they might meet their ends in the place. And lastly there are hidden sinkholes scattered across the desert and a lot of people have fallen victim to them before. That day there was even one and as a person who surveys the area for he is tasked to do so by the authorities, Ethan is hurrying it up and is preparing his equipment!

A boy got sucked-in by a sinkhole and he cannot get out of it now! Lucky for him Ethan was around and he found the kid not too long after he fell. Okay, Ethan have retrieved his equipment now for the rescue and so it begins. Escape players, Ethan needs to be very careful with this rescue, for the sand here is very loose and there is every chance he might get swallowed by the sinkhole himself. Will you be able to help him then so he can get the kid out of the ground safely?

Desert Boy Rescue is a new dry wilderness rescue escape game developed by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Desert Boy Rescue

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