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Des Moines

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You've been living in Iowa for quite a while but you still consider yourself a tourist. You never had the time to roam around the city. So now that you have an extra time, you want to visit some great places like the botanical garden. It is in Des Moines and there are so many good reviews about it. With this, you didn't waste any time to go there. However, you lost your wallet along the way. With this, you lost all the important things that you need. You don't have a single penny with you. You can't even ride a bus because of this. The map is also on your wallet so this means that you have to look for another way to escape from Des Moines. Good thing that the people here are friendly.

They are willing to help you if you will also help them with their errands. You have to help them to solve the puzzles so they can give you clues that can lead you to the right way. This seems a win-win situation so you have to start right now and interact with people so you can escape from Des Moines. This brand new room escape game is made by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math. Have fun!

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