Derelict Asylum

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Try your skills and logic on this scary place escape game here. Derelict Asylum is the newest point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant. Best of luck!

Just beyond the vast forest greens, there is a huge house which was actually a facility for the mentally ill and most housed there were the dangerous kind. But that was decades ago and now the place is abandoned, nobody goes in there anymore and a lot of things are still in that place. Not a lot of people know exactly what happened there and why it got suddenly abandoned, but there are data that talks about something mysterious happened there and that got the place neglected. Ron was quite interested of the asylum however and what mysteries are in there that got the people leaving from it, but he’ll soon find-out though for when he entered inside, he regretted that he didn’t bring someone with him.

Upon setting foot in the back-doors for the front was locked, Ron noticed the door behind him slowly folding and when he tried to open it, the thing was somehow jammed! Okay, this is not good for what’s in-front of him also seems to be the morgue! Escape players, Ron needs help here in escaping, but he is seriously deciding if he wants to destroy the door to escape or just push further into the asylum and find another way out. You decide on this one and whatever may it be, then have fun!

Walkthrough video for Derelict Asylum


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