Denied Villa Room Escape Game

Denied Villa Room Escape

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It's weird for a lot of people have left from this specific room more often which was a part of a huge condominium and if staff asks them why, they don't have anything to say about that, it's just they wanted to move some place else. It is always this said room and maybe they thought it could just be a coincidence, or the old room might have an aura that makes people want to leave without even noticing they are all making a pattern from the previous owners. As one of the staff there who had worked in the place for a long time now, Brandon have already noticed this and even then he doesn't do anything about it, until one day another guest left and he finally became curious of the room.

Brandon went into that room for he has nothing to do that day and maybe he can get some clues just a little bit to see what the place really has. Well Brandon is in for a treat for he will experience something in the place but it was a bad thing unfortunately. Brandon got trapped in the room and he doesn't know what happened! It's just the door would not open anymore and it's like somebody had locked him in. Worst is he can't really open the door no matter how he tried. Escape players, Brandon here is still going to try and escape, want to join in as well and see if you can escape if you are in Brandon's situation?

Denied Villa Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Ekey Games.

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