Demon Cave Escape Game

Demon Cave Escape

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You are such an adventurous person and caves are your favorite place to explore. You heard that there is a massive cave in the town so you went to it. Surprisingly, it was indeed massive and there are lots of bats in the cave. This is perfect because aside from caves, you also love bats. You followed the bats through the cave but as time goes by, those bats slowly turned into a demon. It was really scary and you just want to turn back. However, you are too far from the exit and you can't just go out just like that. You are now a demon's prisoner in the cave and you have to work for your freedom. There are lots of puzzles in the cave that you need to solve.

Each puzzle contains clues that will show you the way out so you have to pay attention to every detail. It's getting hotter and hotter in the cave and it feels like it was so close to hell. Because of this, you have to double time and find a way to escape from there as fast as you can. Play Demon Cave Escape room escape game from Mirchi Games and use your logic escape. Good luck!

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